About us

Journal of energy and food processing is an international, multi-disciplinary, Open access journal that publishes energy and drying related research. The objective of the journal is to be an authentic source of peer-reviewed information for innovation, analyzes, and reviews related to energy and drying. The journal welcomes paper from drying and energy research arena. Moreover, the journal covers research in thermal science, innovative drying technology, and renewable energy processing.The journal publishes original research and review papers on any subject at the interface between energy and food processing including:

  • thermal energy
  • renewable energy
  • drying
  • energy efficiency in drying
  • Mathematical model of transport process
  • Multiscale, multi-phase modeling of food materials during food processing
  • Transport phenomena in porous media
  • Design, control and off-design analysis of food processing
  • Energy, environmental, safety and techno-economic aspects of food processing
  • Quality aspects of food processing
  • Novel food processing technologies
  • Engineering properties of foods
  • Food physics
  • Food properties and quality
  • Measurement methods, development of data on food properties, predictions, and applications.